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Building Information

Alcott Elementary
7117 Mount Royal Ave.

Earl Rahm, Principal

Attendance & SafeArrival

1-844-431-0874 /

Main Phone: 614-797-7350
Main Fax: 614-797-7351

Instructional Hours:

Grades 1-5 / All Day Kindergarten

9:15 AM - 3:40 PM

AM Kindergarten: 9:15 AM - 11:55 AM

PM Kindergarten: 1:00 PM - 3:40 PM    

Office  Hours:  8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Mission Statement

Alcott Elementary is a learning community committed to empowering its citizens with respect, responsibility and Academic Excellence.

The Alcott Five

  • Am I following directions?
  • Am I showing respect for myself, my school, and others?
  • Am I using acceptable language?
  • Am I keeping my hands and feet to myself?
  • Am I prepared to learn?

Statement of Staff Beliefs

  • We believe students, parents, school personnel and community all have a shared responsibility for student learning.
  • Every student is an important individual with his/her own intellectual, emotional, and social needs.
  • We believe that learning is best achieved in a safe and caring environment.
  • The Alcott learning community views inappropriate behaviors as “teachable moments” and uses these opportunities for guidance rather than punishment. 
  • We believe there is immeasurable value in creativity, the arts and healthy physical activity.
  • By working together with each other in the Alcott learning community, we believe we can make a positive difference in our students’ lives.  

Legendary Commitment - Legendary Work Ethic - Legendary Kindness

Cultivating students moxie and developing growth mindset learners

- Alcott Elementary